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Emergency Medicine

The Emergency Medicine Department at Dar AlHekma Hospital is open to anyone seeking emergency medical care 24/7.

The physicians, nurses and all staff providers are always prepared to treat life-threatening illnesses or traumas.

There are 9 fully equipped beds in the ER for all emergencies accompanied by a small lab designed only for ER patients. Also the Radiology Department is right beside the ER to insure an easy, accessible and fast treatment for any critical patient.

An average of 15,000 patients are admitted every year to the Emergency Medicine Department and treated with the highest level of emergency care possible.
The unique location of Dar AlHekma Hospital in the heart of Nasr City makes it easy for patient to find the hospital easily and get treated quickly.

The hospital’s ambulance as well is available 24/7 for any patients needing the drive to or from the hospital either inside or outside Cairo. It is fully equipped with all the advanced life support equipment that help monitor and save a patient’s life till the paramedics reach the hospital.