Single service

Inpatient Rooms

The Hospital has a wide range of rooms and suites that suit all different tastes of patients.

  • Royal Suites
  • Grand Suites
  • Premium Suites
  • Semi Suites
  • Executive Rooms
  • Premium Rooms
  • Two-Bedded Rooms
  • Triple-Bedded Rooms

There is also a private VIP Floor designed luxuriously with exclusive royal suites and a VIP Lounge for VIP patients.

Restaurant & Cafeteria

  • All in-patients enjoy a full board service from the hospital.
  • All meals are prepared with love from our kitchen staff in order to insure the healthiest quality of food for our patients.
  • Meals are customized for every patient based on doctors’ recommendations everyday in order to help with the healing process.
  • There are also cafeterias for inpatients and outpatients in the waiting areas or reception for small snacks and hot and cold drinks.